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Sabah is the home to several river systems including the infamous Kinabatangan River. These rivers play an important role in our local wildlife's ecosystem. Wetland is a generic term that covers different aqua-ecologies such as coastal areas, river, lakes, mangrove, peat swamp, nypa swamp, etc., and it is the important habitat for some endangered Borneo wildlife such as Proboscis Monkey. To be able to view and appreciate the beauty of these wildlife, afternoon river cruises were introduced. Now we do these cruises on daily basis, introducing and sharing our local wildlife to visitors from in and around the world. Travel Rite Tours conduct afternoon Rivercruises in rivers such as Weston, Kinabatangan, Kawa Kawa, and so on. 

Weston River is part of the largest wetland (Klias Peninsula) in Sabah. The water of Weston River is a mixture of saline and freshwater, so it is a bit murky. However, crabs and prawns grow faster and bigger in brackish water like this, a reason why Weston is famous for its seafood. During high tide, groupers and snappers will swim to estuary, something that the local anglers are really happy about.

Kawa Kawa, located about 112km northeast of Kota Kinabalu, is accessible in an hour and a half by land. Situated at Kota Belud and surrounded by paddy fields and mangrove forests, the quaint little village of Kawa Kawa is enchanting at first sight. Sungai Tempasuk thrives along Kawa Kawa’s mangrove habitat forming an enticing playground for the Proboscis Monkeys, who swing on the high branches of the trees. This natural oasis, only minorly touched by men and commercial tourism, has not lost its primitive wildness, and is best suited for nature and wildlife lovers.

Kinabatangan River sustains one of the world's richest ecosystems. Other than being home to Borneo's indigenous orang utan and proboscis monkey, the surrounding forest is also one of only two known places in the world where 10 species of primates are found. All the eight species of hornbill found in Borneo make the area their home.

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