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The Official Launching Ceremony For The Xtreme Academy!

22 October 2017 marked and auspicious day for Xtreme Paddlers & Travel Rite Tours as our Project - The Xtreme Academy held it's official launching, planned and executed spectacularly having along the stakeholders, financiers and program supporters present during the ceremony, this is a huge stepping stone for us as a travel company and as an enthusiast in supporting the local tourism scene!

The ceremony had began with the arrival of all the guests which include Yang Berbahagia Datu Rosmadi from MOTAC, Yang Berbahagia Encik Abu Bakar from Kementerian Kewangan, Yang Berbahagia Encik Zikri Khalil who is the directing secretary of Volunteering International (VIP), Yang Berbahagia Haji Abdullah Nawawi from the Red Cresent Society, Yang Berbahagia Enci Walter Kandayon from the Kadamaian Tourism association Kota Belud, Yang Berbahagia Encik Marjan from Jabatan Kemajuan Kampung & Keselamatan, Yang Berbahagia Encik Ahmad Rizal also from Kementerian Kewangan, and Yang Berbahagia Cik Dayang Nurul Hasliza also from Kementerian Kewangan.

Shortly after the arrival of the VIPs, they ceremony had been kick-started with a brief speech by our very own Co Director and Founder of Xtreme Academy Mr.Andrey Adriano! In his speech he had mentioned the goals and vision of XA, his long term experience in the field is one of a kind and having a dream of opening an academy to train guides that are versatile and adaptable to be not only be able to serve our local tourism industry but to give back is an honest and possible feat.

After the opening speech given by Mr.Andrey, the other respective stakeholders had their chance to speak and was concluded with a heartwarming and motivating speech given by Yang Berbahagia Datu Rosmadi which was also the official launching speech for the ceremony, officiating the Xtreme Academy Program.

Shortly after, there was an appreciation session in where tokens of appreciation prepared by the Xtreme Academy was presented to the present representative from the government as well as the stakeholders.

Although the hall was not a huge one, it was sufficient for this memorable event. A stepping stone for Xtreme Academy. Last up on the agenda of the opening ceremony was the group photo session where everybody was invited to engrave this moment in Xtreme Academy history!

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