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The Paradise Side of Mount Kinabalu

Kadamaian in the district of Kota Belud is located approximately 2 hours drive away from the capital of Sabah Malaysia. It consists of 74 villages or kampung, built mainly along the river stretch of the Kadamain river - of where it got its name from. The main ethnic group is Dusun, the largest native ethnic group of Sabah Malaysia. The community of Kadamaian depend largely on the Kadamaian river, which flows from the mountains through the village valleys for food source (fish and to water crops), and for their daily routine (cooking, washing and bathing). Located on the foot of Mount Kinabalu, Kadamaian is rich with unique flora & fauna and beautiful off-beaten trails with waterfalls an caves - which makes it perfect as an adventure travel destination.


3D2N Kadamaian Adventure & Cultural Experience

Enjoy both an adventurous and cultural experience in Sabah Malaysia even on a short trip.


3D2N  Nature & Adventure Highlights in Kadamaian

Fancy a quick getaway from the hustle & bustle of the city? Escape to nature with this fun package


4D3N Explore Kadamaian - an Adventure & Cultural Experience

Live and learn how the locals do! Hike through virgin rainforests and raft the river of Kadamaian. ​


4D3N Adventures & Nature Wonders in Kadamaian

Immerse yourself in nature, spend a night gazing the stars and hike some of the most beautiful trails in Kadamaian.


5D4N Journey Through The Kadamaian Rainforest to The Tip of Borneo

Create memorable experiences from the valleys & peaks of Kadamaian Kota Belud to the tip of Borneo - fun adventures awaits!

Mount Kinabalu.Kadamaian rafting.Travel

5D4N Explore Kadamaian Nature & Summit Mount Kinabalu

Ready for a challenge? Summit the 3rd highest peaks in South East Asia while learning some essential skills from the Kadamaian locals.

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