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Rip Curl Malaysia Crew went White Water Rafting & Zip-lining at Kadamaian with Xtreme Paddlers!

Operating a travel agency being under the category of Inbound Adventure Sports in the tourism line can open up vast opportunities and connections to foreign investors and brands from around the world. Some of the world's famous brands in sports include the likes of Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armor, etc. are involved in tourism. We were honored enough to have hosted the crew from Rip Curl Malaysia this past week.

We had hosted the Rip Curl crew from their Malaysian branch on 7th December 2017. Although it was not their first time with us, for the crew members that came this time, it had been a one of a kind experience. We hosted them for 2D1N with our White Water Rafting & Zipline Combo tour which we had just introduced as one of our newest product for the upcoming 2018. The package includes fully outdoor activities like camping, rafting on the Kadamaian River (I-II Technical) and Zip-lining.

On the first day-in the afternoon upon arrival at the camping site next to the river at Kampung Polumpong, we set up our camps and settled in. It was basically free and easy(optionally visitors can go trekking if they want to as there are a few trails nearby). During the late afternoon, we spent some time on the river having fun as well preparing for dinner before nightfall. Later in the evening,not wasting any time before we lost the sun we lit up the camp bonfire and began cooking our BBQ dinner. Everyone spent the night in their camps underneath the serene beauty of the Kota Belud night sky. Luckily it didn't rain during the night as it went by calmly and peacefully.

On the second day, upon waking up to a quite cozy morning the sky was bright and one could see Mount Kinabalu as clear as a breeze. Some of us took our time taking photos of the wonderful toned mountain while some were preparing breakfast. After we had breakfast, packed our gear and re-packed the camping tents, we proceeded to the Zip lining site close by for the first activity of the day.

The Zipline at Melangkap is stretching at 338 Meters end-to-end and is quite new, however the crew operating it are well trained and the equipment used are safe and endorsed by the local government. Upon arriving at the Zipline site, we met up with our instructor, Mr.Dan who had been trained to handle and operate the Zipline contraption. After a short introduction and briefing to zip lining and it's safety procedures, we started the activity, taking turns to fly down the line one at a time. The slide down is about almost a minute, taking one from the station on top of the hill, across a valley with a creek and unto the station below. The experience was exhilarating, similar to jumping of a cliff but in slow motion! Once everyone was done, we took a group photo and proceeded to the next and main activity which was white water rafting on the Kadamaian River (Grade I-II Technical).

About 15 minutes away was the starting point for our rafting session, Tagal Lingkubang. Upon arrival, we freshen up, changed our clothes and gathered by the river bank for the safety briefing given to us by our very own captain Mr.Andrey. Once the safety briefing was completed, the rafting gear was given out to the participating Rip Curl crew members, the helmets and life jackets put on and secured, and we began our white water rafting activity. The journey downstream is about 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the river condition and is about 10km in distance. We had a few pit stops for body rafting and taking photos especially of the Mount Kinabalu as we have certain locations with one of the most beautiful view of it's rear.

When we had completed rafting, we stopped right at the foot of our base camp at Tagimambur, went up, freshen up and went straight to the lunch table for our buffet lunch. After an hour taking lunch and resting, we took group photos, chit-chated with the Rip Curl Crew before they went on their way for their next itinerary.

Hosting the crew from Rip Curl Malaysia was an honor for us and a fun and adventurous experience for them. Being there in the outdoors is what it's all about. Having fun with your friends and loved ones while learning about nature and how to sustain it while enjoying it's fruits at the same time. Sabah has a lot of potential in expanding it's outdoor adventure tourism sector, and we at Xtreme Paddlers aim to be one of it's leading brand in tourism!

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