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Pulau Tiga - The Survivor Island

As far and blue as the eyes can see ~

Popular for being the filming location of the 1st Season of The Survivor (a popular show in year 2000),

We decided to set a quest of our own and hopped on a boat to Pulau Tiga to check the famed island and try the fun activities that come with and what better day to go on Kaamatan Day! Its Team Xtreme xplore time.

We departed the Kuala Penyu jetty at exactly 10am for an easy 30min ride to the 1st stop, Snake Island🐍. 

Snake Island is popular to be the home of several species of both venomous and non venomous snakes. Its a tiny island , just 10mins boat ride away from the Survivor Island. We arrived at the jetty and went on a short hike in search of snakes ( that may have or have not made a few features on the Survivor Show). To our dissapointment, snakes were a no show. So, we took some perferctly instagrammble pictures on the island.😁

 We left Snake Island and moved to another neighbour of the Survivor Island - the Sand Spit Island or also known as Pulau Kalampunian Besar. This island looks like a huge heap of just Sand between the Survivor Island and Snake Island. These 3 islands make up the famous Pulau Tiga Islands. 

The Sand Spit Island stretches over 1 kilometer long and the beach is just so pristine and covered with white sand. 

There are no buildings or structure built on this tiny island so if you are planning to snorkel which is the activity done just off the shores of Sand Spit Island, make sure you have changed to your swimming wear before.

We swam and snorkelled in the clear waters off the island. We were blessed with a beautiful weather that day and was so much fun to be swimming with school of fishes.

It was already noon time by the time we arrived at Survivor Island. We hung out at Pulau Tiga Resort where guests were served with a sumptuous lunch buffet and where we hung out with our new buddies too😃

(Side note: always keep your belongings with you as there are some little hands with long tails around🐒 . These long tail macaque monkeys are seen hanging around the resort area and known to be a little naughty snatcher).

One of the main attraction on Survivor Island is the Volcano Mud pool. So hiked up the trails in the jungle to get to the volcano mud shelter which is about a 1.1km hike.

(We advise leaving your bags and just take your camera and a bottle of water with you. Ita also practical to wear hiking shoes or good sandals as it will be a muddy trail to the volcano mud shelter. Also make sure to have a waterproof bag to keep your camera).

It took us about 20mins to hike there and as soon as we got there, we dove in the mud pool which is high is known to be high in anti inflmmatory properties which can help alleviate aches and muscle pain. Mud baths is also known for its soothing effect for the skin as volcano mud is high in sodium, magnesium and potassium. Which is fairly true as we could feel our hair and skin was much more softer after rinsing. 

After our special spa mud bath session, we hiked back to the Pulau Tiga resort for a clean shower before we board and bid the islands farewell. 

Overall, we had a fun time at Pulau Tiga, it was all beautiful and adventurous and appeals to those who enjoy a mini adventure and beaches. An activity thats fun with friends and family, check out our Pulau Tiga daytrip and combo packages at

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